Safety First Aviator Attitude assessment


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This assessment will help you learn about the five hazardous attitudes affecting pilot judgement and how to understand these attitudes as they apply to your flying.

As a first step, you are now to take a self-assessment inventory to give you a personal insight for the following discussions. This information is only for your own use. It is not intended to be shared with anyone else, unless you choose to do so.

This assessment asks you to decide why you, as a pilot, might have made certain decisions. Ten situations will be presented, each involving a flight decision. After each situation you will find a list of five possible reasons for a decision.

No “correct” an­swer is provided for any of the 10 situations. You may indeed be correct in believing that a safe pilot would not choose any of the five alternatives. Be assured that most people know better than to act as described in the situations. Just recognise that the in­ventory presents extreme cases of incorrect pilot decision making to help introduce you to the five special types of hazardous attitudes described later. CLICK HERE 


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