Safety First – Pilot Credo

Pilots Credo
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Fly Safe Safety Campaign

Pilot’s Credo
Safety First Aviators Credo
As a proud Aviator, I confirm by the placement of my signature, that I subscribe to this credo and the ideals of SAFETY FIRST AVIATORS from this day forth, to keep me, my family and my friends safe.

1. I acknowledge that safety starts with myself.
2. I will display good Airmanship.
3. I accept that all pilots, including myself, are fallible and that through good discipline and compliance on our part the risks are reduced.
4. I will assign fellow aviators to watch out for me and assist them in improving their safety.
5. I am prepared to listen and consider the advice that is given by fellow aviators.
6. I will not hesitate to approach fellow aviators if I have a genuine concern for their safety and intern will welcome other pilots whom approach me.
7. I will be considerate, creating a safe environment for all aviators, allowing all to operate within their respective limitations.
8. I will never attempt to show my skills off to anyone until I have earned these skills.
9. I acknowledge that, whenever there is doubt as to whether I should fly, I will not.
10. I will consider the risks and consequences before making decisions and will always treat flying with the respect and prudence it deserves.
11. I will always check the weather en route and at my destination prior to making a flight.
12. I will play my part in the safety of flying in South Africa.