Aviation Sport – SASCOC – Competition Participation


The Aero Club of South Africa is recognised as the National Federation by the South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee

They are responsible for the awarding for National Protea Colours to athletes/officials who have met the criteria to represent South Africa in different sporting codes and arenas.

The Aero Club also endorse the applications for Bidding and Hosting of international events, providing criteria are met as per the bidding and hosting requirements.

National Sport Colours Regulations

The Documents below should be completed by your affiliated section and approved and submitted by The Aero Club of South Africa to SASCOC,

National Colours Application 1

National Colours Application 2

Criteria in approving a Bid to host an Event


The Aero Club of South Africa is recognized as the National Airsport Control by FAI.

What FAI does “Click Here”

It is compulsory to hold a valid FAI sporting licence from your National Airsport Control Organisation (NAC) to participate in all FAI-sanctioned events (Category 1 and 2). Please note that the FAI Sporting Code – General Section, Item 8.1.3 says:  A Sporting Licence shall only be considered issued and valid, if the holder is listed on the FAI Sporting Licence database by the NAC that is issuing the particular Sporting Licence.

Check your FAI Sporting Licence validity here

IF YOU ARE A COMPETITORplease directly contact the FAI member (NAC – National Airsport Control) in your country. The FAI does not issue FAI Sporting licences. Only the NACs do.