Constitution & MOI

The MOI and Constitution

  • The Special General Meeting (SGM) held on 30 October 2018 has brought into effect a new MOI and Constitution to replace the previous Articles of Association
  • The Constitution elaborates all the required elements of an MOI as well as the essence of the framework of the Aero Club
  • The MOI is a subset of the Constitution required to meet the requirements of the Act
  • The more detail workings of the Aero Club is elaborated on in a document known as “Administration Standards” available at the Aero Club office

Essential elements of the Constitution

  • Registered Directors – In terms of the CIPC only the Exco are listed as the Directors with Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Exco – are the directors and made up of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Elected Officer, General Manager (total of 5)
  • Council – Council consists of the Exco + representatives from Member Associations + FAI appointee + co-opted members as Council sees fit
  • Terms of Office – Limit the term of office to 3 years for directors, at which point the directors will stand down, those wishing to offer to stand again can do so for a 2nd term. Maximum 6 consecutive years is then the limit. Standing down after the 2nd term is permanent. This does not preclude standing again should a nomination be made in future years.

Herewith are the approved documents of the Constitution and MOI as ratified at the Special General Meeting held 30 Oct 2018

AeCSA – MOI Final 30-10-18

AeCSA – Constitution Final 30-10-18