Approved Persons Scheme

Part 66, Subpart 4 – Approved Persons Certificate


66.04.1   This subpart applies to the issuing of approvals, certificates and ratings to natural persons, other than licensed AMEs, licensed pilots and persons authorised by the holder of an AMO approval, to carry out maintenance on South African registered non-type certificated aircraft, their engines, components and equipment.

During the second half of May 2021 the complete rework of Part 66, Subpart 4 will commence. To make this as inclusive as possible we would like to call on all members to submit the name and contact detail of their Approved Person working on their aircraft or any AP’s you know to (Sandra) so we can update our database of AP’s. We have tried to obtain this information from SACAA but it was declined, due to popi restrictions. All AP’s who are interested will be invited to participate in this process. I believe to speed the process up that different groups will be formed working on different sections of the subpart. Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated.
To download a Form to complete with your information please follow this link