This is to advise you of the upcoming 78th Annual General Meeting of the members of The Aero Club of South Africa. The details of this meeting are as follows:
Date : 23 April 2019
Time : 18:00 for 18:30
Place : EAA auditorium, Hurricane Ave, Rand Airport, Germiston

Available on the Aero Club website are the following documents:

  • The Agenda
  • The Draft Minutes of the last AGM no 77
  • Proxy form
  • Nomination form
  • Council Members Election Process – extracts from the Constitution (given as part of the nomination form document)

Should you wish to place any items on the Agenda under General, please notify the Aero Club Office at for inclusion.
As per the Council Members election process to be found in the Constitution, any nominations to be made to serve as Council office bearers are to be made 30 days in advance of the AGM, this being by the 23rd  March 2019 by completing the prescribed nomination form and submitting in writing to the Aero Club office.



Nomination Form

Special General Meeting Notice

23 October 2018 at 18:00

EAA Auditorium, Rand Airport, Germiston

Please click on the link below;


Proxy Form

Primarily as currently the Aero Club today is governed by Articles of Association, this is not as yet in line with the amended companies act of 2008, where a Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) is the defining standard in terms of company registration. Thus, to rectify this, the plan is to bring into effect a suitable MOI and underpinned by a new Constitution which will replace the Articles of Association. The essential changes in the Constitution are mostly related to changes in the management structures and the fiduciary roles of the directors and council members, as well as defining more explicitly terms of office.

The draft documents are on the Aero Club website which also provides explanatory notes. The current Articles of Association are also available on the website. In order to bring these new set of Governance documents into effect, a Special General meeting (SGM) is to be called within the current 21 day notice period requirements, thus this communication serves to notify all members of the Aero Club that the SGM planned for this will take place on:

Date: 23 October

Time: 18h00

Venue: EAA Auditorium Rand Airport

If you have any comments / proposals related to this new set of Governance documents, please post these to Should there be any material changes based on further inputs from members, this may affect the date, however, updates made will be communicated with further mailings with updated revisions of the documents uploaded on the website.


Best Regards

Rob Jonkers (Vice Chairman)


Annual General Meeting Minutes

The Special General Meeting Draft Minutes (held 29 May 2018)

The 77th AGM Draft Minutes  (held 27 March 2018)

The 76th AGM Minutes (held 10th May 2017)

The 75th AGM Minutes (held 8th June 2016)

The 74th AGM minutes (held 31st March 2015)

The 73rd AGM minutes (held 27th May 2014)

The 72nd AGM Minutes (held 24th April 2013)