What does the Aero Club do for me ?

What does the Aero Club of South Africa mean to you?

Current Issues being addressed


  • Ensuring specified SLA turnaround times for ATFs & NPLs
  • Interventions and support to members having ATF & NPL renewal difficulties
  • Carrying out Documentation Review of ATF renewals
  • Proposal to streamline ATF renewal process, changes to renewal dates
  • Aerobatic Box proposals at Heidelberg, Phalaborwa and East London.
  • Proposal by SAHPA to promulgate Part 106 for Hang and Paragliding.
  • Proposal by SAMAA for exemption on a case by case basis re: Max Weight.
  • Proposal for amendment by BAFSA to Part 136 awaiting promulgation.
  • Completed 5 year outstanding frequency for Morningstar Air Port.
  • Proposal by Yolande Combrinck to Part 62 for Crop Spraying with a NTC.
  • Engagement with DEFF on national park overflights with specifics to penalties – DEFF has imposed that level of fine to cover the costs of rehabilitation to damage done to Parks, but more applicable to ground hogs doing damage and not us air busters as we can do no damage other than making a bit of noise. So the discussion with DEFF is to have aviation excluded from such fines not being applicable, then the next step of not having a height limit, i.e. revert back to normal VFR rules.
  • Engagement with DEFF on Barberton Mountains as a Heritage site.
  • Engagement on SKA requirements.
  • GASS participation & Part 149 review
  • Proposals approved for promulgation in 2017 not promulgated yet.

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