Aero Club Affilliated Sections

The following guidelines have been developed (using Part 24.01.2) as a discussion starting point:

NTCA Aircraft type Limitations Applicable ARO
Amateur built MTOW below 600Kg MISASA
Amateur built MTOW above 600kg EAA
Production built NTCA MTOW below 600Kg MISASA
Production built NTCA MTOW above 600kg EAA
Veteran No longer supported by OEM EAA
Ex-military EAA
Microlight MTOW below 450Kg MISASA
Helicopters EAA
Gyrocopters SAGPA
Gliders (MTOW / Span squared) = 3 or less SSSA
Hang gliders SAHPA
Paragliders SAHPA
Parachutes PASA
Balloons BAFSA
Airships BAFSA
Model Aircraft SAMAA
Other aircraft Ask for assistance
Light Sport Aircraft MTOW 600kg or below, Vs 45kts, Vc 150kts,

2 seats

Light Sport Aircraft Any parameter exceeding above limits EAA