Memorandum Of Understanding

Between the

Aero Club of South Africa

and the

Aero Club of Mozambique

This is entered into between the Aero Club of South Africa’s hereafter referred to as AeCSA and the Aero Club of Mozambique hereafter referred to as ACM.

It has been agreed by the two undersigned parties that a memorandum of understanding representing the interest of the AeCSA’s and the ACM,to deliberate

on operational and legislative provision pertinent to recreational sport aviation and all associated activities,incorporating the requirement to advise and lobby the appropriate CAA and any other necessary body in our respective countries will be created.

This MOU shall constitute the procedures for interaction of the AeCSA and ACM.It shall remain binding and in force until a meeting between the two parties is held to alter,amend,expand or dissolve the MOU.

Undersigned : 06 April 2011

Signed:The President of The Aero Club of Mozambique


The Chairperson of The Aero Club of South Africa

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