Industry Liaison Forum
These forums contribute to improved and transparent relations in the interests of aviation safety and development. Key inputs from the industry engagements through these forums are the common goals of the development of the industry-wide Transformation Strategy and the Cross-Functional Accident Reduction Plan
Project 24
PROJECT 24 is an initiative of RAASA to update the Civil Aviation Regulations with a unique set of guidelines and rules as it applies to NTCA.
Square Kilometer Array (SKA)

It has recently become known to the aviation community in SA that certain radio signals such as those from aircraft radio equipment, cell-phones, CB radios and other equipment might, I repeat might, effect the SKA. Some indication has been given by the Department of Science and Technology that certain radio signals in the area will require to be curtailed in some way.    The CAA and ATNS are aware of this and are holding ongoing talks with the Department of Science and Technology in order to get a clear picture of the matter and find a way forward if needed.

Flights sold to the public 

This notice refers to RAASA’s Exposition on flights sold to the public dated 14 April 2016.

The Aeroclub therefore appeals to all its member sections to comply strictly with their AOP’s.

Where to from here?
1. Last year the Aeroclub, together with RAASA and other interested parties, started a process with the SACAA to allow paid-for adventure flights within the recreational aviation sector. This process has made progress and will hopefully be concluded later this year. Similarly the Air Services Act 115 of 1990 will need to be amended to allow for commercialised adventure flying.
2. The Aeroclub therefore asks its members to exercise patience and to abide strictly by the law until the new regulations are agreed to. To bend the rules could lead to severe consequences for the pilot, organisation and section concerned as well as for the Aeroclub and RAASA.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.