Aero Club Constitution & MOI

The MOI and Constitution

  • The Special General Meeting (SGM) held on 30 October 2018 has brought into effect a new MOI and Constitution to replace the previous Articles of Association
  • The Constitution elaborates all the required elements of an MOI as well as the essence of the framework of the Aero Club
  • The MOI is a subset of the Constitution required to meet the requirements of the Act
  • The more detail workings of the Aero Club is elaborated on in a document known as “Administration Standards” available at the Aero Club office

Essential elements of the Constitution

  • Registered Directors – In terms of the CIPC only the Exco are listed as the Directors with Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Exco – are the directors and made up of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Elected Officer, General Manager (if applied)
  • Council – Council consists of the Exco + representatives from Member Associations + FAI appointee + co-opted members as Council sees fit
  • Terms of Office – Limit the term of office to 3 years for directors, at which point the directors will stand down, those wishing to offer to stand again can do so for a 2nd term. Maximum 6 consecutive years is then the limit. Standing down after the 2nd term is permanent. This does not preclude standing again should a nomination be made in future years.

Herewith are the approved documents of the Constitution and MOI as ratified at the Special General Meeting held 30 Oct 2018 with any subsequent changes brought about at AGM’s

AeCSA – MOI Issue 1

AeCSA – Constitution Issue 2