AP Scheme
The AP scheme is under review and there are a number of serious issues that are being tackled with the SA CAA as to the correct management and governance of this scheme.  The Aero Club has historically managed this scheme from its origins as the LS1 document to the now more complex AP 1 and AP 2 requirements that incorporates commercial APs.

With the RAASA transition to the SA CAA effective 1st April 2019 the AP Scheme is currently under review with the Aero Club taking the lead role.  There appears to be issues of interpretation and implementation with the current APs exacerbated by changes that have come in, and is hampering the document flow process and causing much frustration within the industry.

The Aero Club held a meeting with the CAA on the 16th of May regarding the future of the AP Scheme, and have an agreement with the CAA that they will host a meeting where all the Sections and their key APs are represented to unpack the concerns and establish the requirements in order to formulate a workable plan for all APs whereby the Aero Club and the SA CAA can ensure that optimal safety and oversight exists as well as practical and workable solutions are sought.

What the Aero Club requires, and have already been in contact with all known APs whether these APs are still active and wish to be still active, and if these APs would avail themselves to attend a meeting arranged by the Aero Club to ensure maximum participation to ensure that we find the most beneficial way forward. As the AP database may not be complete, please check if you have received such a communication, if not, be in contact with the Aero Club office.