Press Release : New AeCSA General Manager

The Exco of the Aero Club of South Africa are pleased to announce the appointment of the new General Manager,  Alan Evan-Hanes, with effect from June 1st 2017.

Alan comes to us with a wealth of aviation experience. He has been an aviation enthusiast his entire life, frustrating teachers by drawing or day dreaming about planes throughout his schooling.  He became involved in EAA in 1981, and has been a member ever since. He was manager of the Defence Force Flying Club during his national service. He served as a judge at the World Aerobatic Championships in Cape Town in 1995.

His experience includes project management in a major retail bank, construction site building manager, aerospace engineering manager and as a management consultant. He specialises in stock exchange financial rules and in fraud forensics, which has taken him around the world. Alan recently volunteered his time to fly anti-poaching operations in Northern Mozambique for 3 months.

Alan has held a PPL since 1989 and has been involved in a number of aircraft projects, including a twenty year restoration of a Piper Super Cub which he shares with his ALTP pilot brother.

With a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with an MBA qualification he is ideally qualified and suited for the position of General Manager of the Aero Club of South Africa. Alan is well equipped to assist Aeroclub in the development of the Aeroclub in terms of our strategic planning, and fulfilling our key objectives of Promoting and Protecting Sport and Recreational Aviation. We wish Alan well in his new appointment and in return offer him our full support.

A big word of thank you to Richard Becker. Richard has since his resignation as the General Manager in February 2017 availed his time to help with functions of the GM until a replacement could be appointed. We thank Richard for his contribution to the cause of protecting and promoting free flight.